The Adventure Yacht

True to its name, the City in Motion seems to stay in motion, constantly shifting and reinventing its venues of fun - Belmont Park, USS Midway Museum, La Costa Resort and Spa, and vast stretches of bars and restaurants. All wonderfully classic arenas of enjoyment, but the Adventure Yacht is a vessel that brings the best adventures to San Diego, while breaking away from the more traditional entertainment venues. Treat yourself and your loved ones to fantastic views of San Diego's golden skyline from the Adventure's exclusive Sun Deck, or from the window-lined walls offering 360-degree views of the immense surrounding blue. Need a break? Mellow out in one of four bars, socialize with interesting people, and sail your worries away while indulging yourself in the main salon's state-of-the-art surround sound system deck. Rock out hard, or groove to a more mellow melody. Why wait? Book now! Once you go on the Adventure Yacht, you'll be hooked.

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